Space Monkey Delta-8 Live Resin Disposables | 3g


  • Potent Blend of Delta-8, Live Resin & THC-P
  • 8 Delicious flavors to choose from
  • All Space Walker x Flying Monkey Disposables are derived from USA grown hemp
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Space Walker x Flying Monkey Delta-8 Live Resin Disposables | 3g

Space Walker introduces their all-new collaboration with Flying Monkey, presenting the all new 3-gram disposable device containing Delta-8 + Live Resin and enriched with THC-P. First things first, that Flying Monkey x Space Walker Collab. It’s not just a mash-up; it’s a synergy of two powerhouses in the chill game. When these forces combine, you know you’re in for a treat. It’s a collaboration that goes beyond, taking your relaxation to new heights.

The blend of Delta-8, Live Resin, and THC-P isn’t your ordinary mix; it’s a triad of relaxation. Delta-8 brings the calm, Live Resin brings the flavor, and THC-P adds that extra punch. It’s a combination crafted for the users who wants it all – potency, taste, and a smooth ride.

And then there are the strains – 8 of them, to be exact. Each strain is a unique flavor profile, a journey into different dimensions of chill. Whether you’re into fruity, earthy, or something in between, there’s a strain waiting to elevate your experience. The choice is yours, and with 8 options, you’re spoiled for choice.

These disposables come equipped with a very powerful battery. The device is tightly sealed so no juice leaks out. Space Walker x Flying Monkey 3-gram disposables are derived from USA Grown Hemp and are federally legal under the Farm Bill Act. Get your Space Walker x Flying Monkey Disposable today with the choice of 8 different flavors and 3 different strains.

Space Walker x Flying Monkey Live Resin Disposable Strains

  • Astroboy – Sativa
  • Rocket Fuel – Hybrid
  • Northern Lights – Indica
  • Space Cookies – Hybrid
  • Watermelon Sangria – Hybrid
  • Dream ‘N Sour – Sativa
  • Sour Tangie – Sativa
  • Gran Daddy Purple – Sativa

Product Info

  • Collaboration between Space Walker x Flying Monkey
  • 3000mg Per Disposable
  • USB-C Rechargeable

Space Monkey Delta-8 Live Resin Disposables | 3g Lab Reports

Grandaddy Purple - Lab Report Download
Astroboy - Lab Report Download
Rocket Fuel - Lab Report Download
Dream N' Sour - Lab Report Download
Northern Lights - Lab Report Download
Space Cookies - Lab Report Download
Sour Tangie - Lab Report Download
Watermelon Sangria - Lab Report Download
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