Space Gods Moon Walker Disposable | 7g


  • 7-Grams Per Disposable
  • USB-C rechargeable
  • Dual coil system with Adjustable airflow
  • Contains THC-A Plus Liquid Diamonds, THC-P, and Delta-8 offers a powerful, lasting effect
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Space Gods Moon Walker Disposable | 7g

Looking for an out-of-this-world experience? Meet the Space Gods Moon Walker Disposable, your gateway to the cosmos of cannabis indulgence. Each device packs a hefty 7 grams of premium extract, designed to elevate your senses and take your relaxation to new heights. This powerhouse disposable features a blend of THC-A Plus Liquid Diamonds, THC-P, and Delta-8, ensuring maximum potency and an unparalleled experience. Whether you’re aiming for a relaxing evening or a burst of creative energy, the Space Gods Moon Walker has you covered.

Equipped with a dual coil system, this disposable guarantees smooth, consistent hits every time. The USB-C rechargeable battery ensures that your Moon Walker is always ready for lift-off. With just five clicks, you can turn the device on or off, making it both user-friendly and efficient.

Experience the ultimate blend of convenience, potency, and flavor with the Space Gods Moon Walker Disposable. Ready to take your cannabis experience to the next level? Grab yours today and blast off into bliss.

Space Gods Moon Walker Disposable Strains

  • Oreoz (Hybrid): Perfectly balanced for a harmonious blend of relaxation and euphoria.
  • Berry Pie (Sativa): Energize your day with a sweet and fruity burst of creativity.
  • Georgia Pie (Indica): Sink into deep relaxation with this calming, dessert-like flavor.
  • Bubble Gum (Sativa): Enjoy a playful, uplifting experience with this nostalgic flavor.
  • LA Kush Cake (Indica): Unwind with the rich, cake-like undertones of this soothing strain.
  • GMO Cookies (Hybrid): A potent hybrid offering the best of both worlds for a balanced high.
  • Lemon Cherry Gelato (Hybrid): Delight in the tangy, sweet notes for a smooth, flavorful journey.

Additional Product Information

  • 7000mg Device
  • Strains to Suit Every Mood
  • Premium Blend of Potent Cannabinoids
  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant Containing Less Than 0.3% Delta-9

Space Gods Moon Walker Disposable | 7g Lab Reports

Berry Pie - Lab Report Download
Bubblegum - Lab Report Download
Georgia Pie - Lab Report Download
GMO Cookies - Lab Report Download
LA Kush - Lab Report Download
Lemon Cherry Gelato - Lab Report Download
Oreoz - Lab Report Download
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