Modus Upper Cut Blend 3.0 Disposable | 3g


  • 3-Gram Disposable Vape
  • 7 Specific Flavors
  • USB-C Rechargeable (cable not included)
  • Cannabis Derived Terpenes for The Ultimate Entourage Effect
  • Blend of THC-H + Delta 8 Live Resin and THC-JD
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Modus Upper Cut Blend 3.0 Disposable | 3g

THC-H is said to be 10x more potent than THC, it is paired with other cannabinoids, and it is suggested to start slow and may adjust for any desired results. THC-JD is another natural occurring cannabinoid that has 8-carbon side chains, and it makes up for 19% more than THC. There are currently 7 different flavors for Medusa Upper Cut blend disposables. Medusa’s Upper Cut Blend Disposables containing THC-H, Delta-8 Live Resin & THC-JD. These new cannabinoids ae flavored with natural terpenes.

Medusa Upper Cut Blend 3.0 Disposable Flavors

  • Alaskan Thunder Fuck – Sativa
  • Creme Brulee – Indica
  • Donatti 91 – Sativa
  • Lemon Cherry Gelato – Sativa
  • Pink Panties – Hybrid
  • Rainbow Belts – Hybrid
  • Watermelon – Indica

Product Info

  • One 3-Second Draw per serving
  • 3000mg Per Disposable
  • Each disposable contains ceramic coil to prevent from burning and to experience the ultimate flavor

Modus Upper Cut Blend 3.0 Disposable | 3g Lab Reports

Lemon Cherry Gelato - Lab Report Download
Alaskan Thunder F**k - Lab Report Download
Donatti 91 - Lab Report Download
Rainbow Belts - Lab Report Download
Pink Panties - Lab Report Download
Creme Brulee - Lab Report Download
Watermelon - Lab Report Download
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Modus Upper Cut Blend 3.0 Disposable 3g lemon-cherry-gelatoModus Upper Cut Blend 3.0 Disposable | 3g