Maui Labs Delta 8 Diamond Limited Edition Disposables 1 gram


  • Diamond by Maui Labs Delta 8 Disposable
  • 1 gram Delta 8
  • 925mg+
  • Limited Edition
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Maui Labs Delta 8 Diamond Limited Edition Disposable 1 gram

Experience the difference in a delta 8 thc disposable from Maui Labs Diamond series. The Diamond series limited edition disposables feature a 1 gram /1000ml rechargeable Ikrusher battery and oil that has been formulated from diamond delta 8 concentrate. The extraction process provides a far superior taste and potency for each flavor Maui Labs Diamond disposable.

Maui Labs Diamonds Disposable Strains

  • AK-47
  • ZAZA
  • Spake Cake
  • Presidential OG
  • LA Confidential
  • King Louie XIII
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AK-47, ZAZA, Spake Cake, Presidential OG, LA Confidential, King Louie XIII

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