High Times D8 + THC-P Space Rings | 3600mg


  • 12 Galaxy Rings per bag
  • 300mg of Delta-8 THC per gummy
  • Potent blend of D8 + THC-P per gummy

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High Times D8 + THC-P Space Rings | 3600mg

High Times x Packs brings you the Space Rings gummies with the most potent blend Delta-8 THC + THCP gummies to date. These potent gummies deliver a uplift and unwind feeling. These gummies come 12 pieces per mylar bag, each gummy contains 300mg. We suggest starting off with half of a gummy. These large milligram strength gummies are 2018 farm bill compliant and are third party lab tested.

High Times D8 + THC-P Space Rings

  • Space Rings – mixed fruit assorted flavors

Product Information

  • 3600mg Total per bag
  • Extremely Potent Edible
  • USA Hemp Derived Delta 8 THC
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